Please Take this FDP Survey

The FDP Survey team has created a new survey as a 1-2 effort of the follow-up to the release to both inform and to gather information. The FDP Survey Team would like this 1st very short survey (takes 3-4 minutes) to get into the hands of everyone who may have downloaded the new version, or might be interested in downloading it. The intent is to spread the word.

Please complete the survey and also consider posting to your relevant social media contacts the invite others to complete the survey too.    The link to the survey is: Results will be posted to this website soon, likely in the early summer months.

The 2nd survey is planned for the later summer months and will ask respondents, among other things, about the usefulness of the Implementation tools that have been published and if any others are needed to facilitate the use of the Framework.

2nd Implementation Tool Published!

The 2nd of an expected 5 implementation tools has been published to this website under the page “Tools”. The tool that describes the paper destruction decision tree was made available on this website at it’s release. The 2nd tool, the Framework in workbook format, has been added today. Expected soon is the Summary of Changes from V1.0 to V2.0, and also the process maps that support the implementation of a process that supports the destruction of paper using the Framework as the basis. The 5th tool, and possibly a 6th (shhhh still under discussion) will follow-on a bit later, hopefully in a couple of months. Keep checking back for the latest tools released.